FAQ EducationUSA Fairs

What type of social media advertising will EducationUSA use to promote the fair?

EducationUSA uses one or more means to promote the fair: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and radio advertising as well as print ads. Representatives are encouraged to send as many blurbs and videos as desired to be added to the online media.

How should I pay for the fair?

The invoice that each university receives provides information for payment via wire transfer and/or credit card. 

Do I need to submit my flight itinerary to EducationUSA?

EducationUSA asks that ALL representatives provide their flight itinerary.

Do I need to apply for a visa for Brazil?

No. Since June 19th 2019, nationals of the United States are exempt of visit visas, for purposes of tourism, business, transit and sportive or artistic activities in Brazil. Stays in the country under these purposes are allowed for up to 90 days.

Will the hotel be located near the fair venue?

This will vary from city to city. In most cities, EducationUSA provides hotel arrangements at the same venue as the fair, but in some cities this may not be possible. In that case, we will provide transportation to and from the Fair venue and other visits. 

Is it possible to arrange either early check-in or late check-out at the venue hotels?

Early check-in and late check-out is a possibility at all of the venue hotels. There may be an additional fee for each of these services. This information will be available directly with the hotels.

Will I be able to make my hotel arrangements through EducationUSA or should I contact the venue hotel directly?

EducationUSA offers hotel reservations at a discounted group rate. In order to have access to the discounted rate, representatives should make the reservation directly through the link or email provided on the Primary Information Package. This is an optional service and you are free to stay at any hotel of your preference.  

Can I ship materials to pass out at each fair before the fair circuit begins?

EducationUSA encourages each representative to ship their university’s materials to the EducationUSA Center in each fair city. The representative’s Primary Information Package will provide instructions for each city’s protocol. Please ship materials at least 2 months in advance from your trip.

Will I have to pay for a translator for each event?

There is a fee per translator of USD $100 for 4-hour fairs and USD $80 for 3-hour fairs. Each representative is responsible to inform EducationUSA if they would like to hire a translator and for which cities. Payment is made directly to translators in cash in USD or the equivalent in local currency.

Should I arrange my own ground transportation?

EducationUSA will provide arrangements for airport pick-up in selected cities only, and instructions on recommended services for other cities will be available in the Primary Information Package. We also provide transportation to and from school/university visits or social events planned (as well as to and from the Fair Venue in cities where the Fair does not take place at our recommended hotel). Before the event, each representative will receive information on the ground transportation options, with varying prices, and they can choose accordingly. This service is optional.

Am I allowed to bring another representative with me to the fair?

Each university is welcome to send as many representatives as they would like, but there will be a fee if the university is bringing more than 2 representatives per city. EducationUSA asks that each university provide the names and email addresses of each representative.

Will there be visits to local universities or high schools during the visits?

The school and/or university visits are arranged by each host city and vary from year to year.  As the fair approaches, the school visit information will be provided in the fair circuit agenda and the online registration system. Transportation to and from the school visit is provided at no extra cost. There is no additional cost to join the school visits. Participation in the school visits is not mandatory. Not all cities will offer university/law firm visits for the LL.M Fair Circuit. In that case, they will provide university representatives with a list of interested law firms so that individual meetings can be scheduled.

If I understand a little bit of Portuguese, would it still be recommended to hire a translator for the fair?

Even though the students who visit the fair are expected to have a foundation in English, many parents who accompany their children may not. If the representative does not feel comfortable carrying on a full conversation about the academic programs that their university provides, EducationUSA recommends that the representative hire a translator/helper. Translators are also of great help in dealing with the crowd.

Can I use alumni to help me at the fair?

Alumni are welcome to help universities. Please provide alumni information for each city, so they can be given access credentials.

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